Saturday, August 08, 2009

"Skwaps to Waps" ~ a day with our church family

on the 4th Wednesday of every month, we leave the guys at home to fend for themselves and the girls and i head to church for a wonderful day of fellowship and encouragement. Scraps to Wraps is our church's women's sewing circle and we work on making quilts to share with those in need: both locally and around the world.
i enjoy the time with other women from my church family, and always come away refreshed (but exhausted!)

Lorraine donated all this fabric, and after her mother cut it all into squares, M had fun helping sort out the colors.

even baby B had fun with the sorting, and A was right along side lending a hand. after we had the squares sorted by color, M and i paired them up into 4 patch squares for Lorraine to sew.

most of our quilts we tie, and it's surprising how many we can get done in one day: sometimes as many as 6!

i especially love that all the women are loving and tender with A and B. with no local family to lavish them with hugs and attention, the little girls are bonding with some of the older women in our church.

it seems so old-fashioned and wholesome to have the girls sitting under the quilt frame playing quietly. just like a scene straight out of little house on the prairie!

the girls are right alongside us all day long as we work: these are the future quilters!

no matter the housework, schooling or gardening to be done on Scraps to Wraps day, you'll find us in at church sewing. while we go to help make quilts to comfort those in need, we are really the ones who are benefiting: with love, fellowship and deeper friendships.


Annette said...

Sounds great!

I noticed you said no local family...How in the world did you end up in Bradford Cty if you didn't grow up there? Most people who don't have family around are retired.

I'd love to hear that story!

Anonymous said...

I love your new header. What a gorgeous picture!
Our church has a ladies quilting club that meets every Tues. but I have yet to try to make it to one.


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