Tuesday, October 11, 2016

so, so many squares! what to do?

what should I do? why, join a QAL, of course!

in my early morning wonderings around bloggy land, I found a QAL (quilt-a-long) being hosted by Tisha of quilty therapy. this is a new blog to me, but I'm always game for #1: using fabric that I already have #2: making another plus quilt and #3: the pressure and camaraderie of having other quilters to sew with, and a deadline to meet. ( I work really well under pressure...)
so: I'm jumping on this bandwagon, and I'm excited about making another plus quilt. (what's the matter with me?!) I have a big pile of 5" squares from a guild exchange a few years ago, and I'm planning on using those- I had thought of making 2 plus quilts for the guest room, so it's all good, right? ha!
I'm also thinking that for the corners of the plus blocks, I'll use various kona solids: snow, white, ivory, grey, steel, black...
here's the link: click on over and maybe you can join along, too! the more the merrier, they always say!

1 comment:

Quiltdivajulie said...

I ran across this one the other day, too -- sorely tempted and it would help use the black and white scrap stash . . .


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