Saturday, September 05, 2009

it's just not the same without them

last weekend we packed up the van again and drove over 700 miles south, stopping at Bob Jones University in South Carolina. in addition to M returning to college as a sophomore, we also took N as a freshman in the class of 2013, majoring in chemistry.

it's a comfort to me to have them both there at the same place, but BJU is so far away!

parts of this year have been very difficult, especially after our oldest son left home last October. i treasured all the more the time that we had as a family, realizing that it's all too fleeting. it seems like it was just yesterday that i had my first baby girl, M, and already it's over 20 years later and my children are growing up!

this big old house seems strangely silent without M and N. i find myself glancing at the clock to see how soon either of them might be home. i find myself leaving the back porch light on for M, since she always worked 2nd shift and came home after dark. i catch myself wondering if N will bring home coffee or (and?!) donuts when he gets off work at Dunkin' Donuts.

there are still 3 children here at home with us, and a long way to go before we have an empty nest. but still, after 20+ years of mothering, i find that i wasn't quite ready to be done.

did i miss something? did i teach them all that they needed to know? did i forget something gigantic and really important?

do they know not to mix the lights and darks? not to wash something red in hot water? when to put the fabric softener in? are they organized enough? will the homework, reading and assignments all be done on time? do they know what a dangling participle is? (do i even know what a dangling participle is?) do they remember the difference between their, they're and there? will they eat right and not drink too much coffee? take their contacts out every night? wear sensible shoes? listen to the weather report before getting dressed?

i could talk myself into dashing down to South Carolina to give them that final list of Really Important Stuff That I May Have Forgotten To Mention.

But don't worry~ i won't do that. because i know that in spite of all my parental flaws and imperfections they are going to turn out just fine. along the way we may have missed a few important tidbits about prepositions or ancient Greek history, but i think that M and N have learned the Really Important Lessons Of Life.

Love God with all their soul.

Serve Him with all their might.

Seek Him with all their heart.

they had a good foundation, and now they are ready and eager to build their own house.

and i, for one, will be their greatest fan and cheerleader.

because I'm so proud of them both!


Anonymous said...

Aww.. I think that is my favorite post you have ever written. I think it sums up all of our thoughts as parents.

I'm sure they will both do very well, you have have every right to be very proud!

Wanda said...

It is a sad time for sure Jennifer..but each new phase of life has great joy too...I'm sure you know that though...Kids grow up...but they never grow away from good parents, which your children have!

Milah said...

I have no doubt your kids are going to do just fine! I'm sure they are well prepared. And by the way, you won my give-a-way! Send me an email with your address and I'll get that package out to you ASAP! ;D

Congratualtions, Jennifer!

Steph said...

don't worry Jen, i'm taking good care of them!


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