Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Livestock and Garden Report~ Week 5

i can't believe that it's Thursday again, and time to have my "show and tell" of what we've been doing this week!

Dave disced the whole lower garden for me, and baby B was glad to ride along and help. that girl sure loves the tractor!

then, G tilled the garden, to prepare the soil for planting. we had a slow start due to a broken belt, but we got that fixed in no time, and were able to till and plant potatoes before the rain. (all NINE ROWS of them!)

we also got the onions planted, and A was glad to help. she came walking down the row toward me, and said "do you need any help, mama?" even though she had a hard time telling which way to plant the onions, i was glad for her company.

the beets are planted as well, and will benefit from the rain that we had. we're expecting more rain tonight and tomorrow, and I'm glad for that!

but so far, the only thing that i actually growing in the lower garden is pumpkins. lots of pumpkins. i can see that it was not necessary for me to buy a packet of pumpkin seeds, as the renegades will most likely take over the entire garden!

last week we got our new pigs. I've not really seen them too much, as they spend most of their time skulking hiding in their house. the pink one is a female, and the red one is male. Dave has already said that the red one will be ours, and we plan on butchering him ourselves in the fall.

someone stopped by last week to give me some watercress. it's doing very nicely in the frog puddle, and I'm looking forward to some watercress sandwiches.

one of our hens went broody, and she's been diligently sitting on the eggs for almost 2 weeks. we're excited to be looking forward to having our own chickens. A is not understanding that these peeps will come from the eggs, as all our chickens so far have arrived in the mail.

the johnny-jump-ups are blooming all over my flower garden. their little faces look so happy and cheerful!

so there's another week of hard work and growing things. thanks for stopping by!

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