Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my brain must have burped or something...

even though I've been pretty sparse and sporadic about posting regularly, i have been making an effort to keep my sidebar updated with all our Garden 2009 news and happenings. (and even though it's not Thursday, I'm giving you a little update.)

if you've been following my updates there, you'll have already noticed that i put in a new button- "Give What You Grow". i found out about this ~not so new~ concept in my bloggy wanderings. i can't even remember how i stumbled upon it.

anyway, it's pretty easy. just share whatever you grow in your garden with the local food bank, or others in need. (just click on the picture and you can go see for yourself.)

when i bought my *150 pounds* of seed potatoes, it was March. it was cold. it was windy. this winter was the longest that i can ever remember. spring seemed a long way off. and most importantly, I'm a very optimistic person by nature.

and i thought- heck, how much potatoes that really be, anyway?

and my family really likes potatoes, and in many different ways.

(while I'm optimistic by nature, i could definitely not be described as astute. this is evidenced by the fact that all my farmer friends from church kept asking me incredulously "how many pounds of seed potatoes did you say you bought?" then the farmer would invariably shake his head in amazement and then turn to another farmer and say "did Jennifer tell you how many pounds of seed potatoes she bought?" at which point that farmer would shake his head in amazement. i should have realized what i was in for several weeks ago...)

well, fast forward to today, and a very healthy (and hot) dose of reality.

let me just tell you that *150 pounds* of seed potatoes is alot of potatoes. ALOT.

G and i have been working steadily all afternoon, and we still have 50 pounds of potatoes to cut and plant. we're on our 5th row of potatoes, and the rows keep getting longer and longer...

but here's where my nifty new button comes in. God has abundantly blessed my family though the years, in many miraculous and even amazing ways. and this year, with my garden and the produce that i hope will be produced, i plan on sharing our abundance with others in our community who may not have as much as they need right now.

and i think that maybe I'll start with all my farmer friends; because the Good Lord knows that we can't eat all those potatoes ourselves!

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Angie said...

Great idea.... If I had more of a green thumb, I would probably do the same. Well, I did share lots of cucumbers and green beans with my neighbors last year.


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