Monday, November 03, 2008

pumpkins! have we ever got pumpkins!

every Sunday on the way to church, we pass a field of pumpkins- lots and lots of pumpkins. acres and acres of pumpkins. and every week we wonder- what is the farmer going to do with them all? why did he plant so many? what in the world was he thinking!?

a few weeks ago, i had a brainstorm- what if i could buy some of those pumpkins (very reasonably, of course!) and feed them to the pigs? so last Friday, i went to talk to the farmer. i found out lots of interesting things in my lengthy chat with him- (farmers seem to be very chatty folk!) how to reduce my taxes next year, how he heats his house, what his dog likes to eat, where he works and how his health was that day. but the best part was he told me that i could HAVE all the pumpkins that i cared to haul away! he was just going to till them under anyway when he plants his winter rye.

so today I've made 3 trips to get 3 trailer loads of pumpkins, with N, G, A and Dave helping. the pigs seem to be very happy with their new food source, and we have a pile of pumpkins down in the field next to their pen, as well as another huger pile in the basement. (that way they won't freeze.) i also brought some of the nicer ones up to the house, and have made pumpkin puree and roasted seeds following a recipe that i found here.

as N and i were gathering the last load of pumpkins this afternoon, we were reflecting on how often we have been blessed with the fruits of other's labor. literally. this year alone we have been given beans, corn and pumpkins. all we have needed to do is harvest and process these abundant blessings. for these kind people and bountiful food we are thankful.

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