Monday, December 08, 2008

today we did art!

i haven't really gotten much done today, but G and A spent time together playing with play-doh this morning. we're not sure who had more fun- the toddler or the teenager! G made lots of things- a dinosaur, an elephant, a clown and a snowman. but the biggest success was the tractor. just like daddy's- and A loved it!

G will soon be 16, but from the first day that we brought A home from the hospital, he has taken the time to foster a loving and close relationship with A. the birth of A was a very special time in our family, and i am so grateful that God blessed us with this sweet little girl. a very vivid memory of mine of her first few days is one of G and A together. i was in the kitchen, doing something, and walked out into the family room to see G sitting on the little chair next to A. she was asleep in her car seat, and he was leaning over her. i wondered aloud what he was doing, and he replied "I'm watching her sleep." he was sitting and watching her, waiting for her to wake up! he just wanted hold her. at the time i wished that i had taken a picture, but this memory is so vivid and real to me, that it could have happened only yesterday.

G is rarely too busy, or to impatient to take the time to play with his little sister. and for that, A has elevated G to the status of "Favorite Brother"

i for one think he is worth of that title!


Angie said...

How sweet. I was worried about the "little" age gap between my two older kids and Nater. Alex & Niyah are only 21 months apart, but Niyah and Nater are almost 4 years apart.

But, the kids get along great. Alex is a great big brother, he always comforts Nater when he needs it and is eager to help both younger ones learn.

Don't you love it when siblings get along?

Muthering Heights said...

They are SO sweet together! I hope my kids are that close some day. :)


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