Monday, December 01, 2008

there was alot to be thankful for!

after 3 months of M being away, we were all really looking forward to seeing her again. the boys made this sign for her, and hung it on the front porch. even though we didn't get home until 4am, and M was way too tired to notice the nice thing her brothers did for her, she did appreciate it more in the morning. we were all definitely tired, (and i'll freely confess to taking a nap that afternoon) but it was good to be together again. and to make the day extra special, Dave got the heat hooked up in the 3 back rooms. so the house is pretty warm and toasty now. (or at least the downstairs!) woohoo!

it was a busy weekend, so I'm thinking that you'll understand why I'm not posting until now. the girls and i took M on a "tour", and showed her the pigs, chickens and Dudley, the rabbit. i had a really cute picture of them with Dudley, but accidentally deleted it. oops! A was glad to have her big sister home, and just looked at M with a big smile on her face, and ran right over and gave M a big hug! B was not shy at all, either. A was happy to show M around, and tell her all about our animals. we fed the pigs, gave Dudley his grass, and let the chickens out. just normal chores for us, but something different for M.

B is quite good at giving hugs. she squeezes real tight, and says "ahhhh" it's so sweet!

A was sure to get in on the action, too!

we watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, a family tradition. A actually watched most of it!

another (new) family tradition: gathering wood on Thanksgiving morning. A loves to be out with her daddy, and working on the tractor is even better! they worked up quite an appetite!

i took the time to make a little turkey craft with A. I'd been wanting to do it all week, so G peeled potatoes for me, and i was able to make this cute little foam turkey with A. we both had fun.

ready to eat! and every one is starving. (but thankful!)

yum! turkey, spiced cantaloupe, gravy, stuffing, lovely center piece that i thought up all by myself...

...mashed potatoes, corn, peas, buns, sweet potatoes casserole, fizzy grape juice to drink, special cranberry jello. most of the food we either grew, froze, canned or made from scratch. the rest i got at the grocery store...

M was able to rest and relax, and willingly helped me with a bunch of stuff. she also baked, cooked and visited friends. but she was very diligent in her schoolwork, proving that she is very conscientious, and works hard for those excellent grades. N enjoyed looking at her chemistry book, and seeing what she is learning about. since he is taking advanced chemistry this year, he was curious to see how the books compared.

all the big kids took the time to play with the little girls. they all enjoy horsing around with each other. here M and G are playing the classic "Run Around The House In A Circle Like Crazy Fools, Laughing Like Wild Baboons." this is always a fun game, enjoyed by siblings everywhere. then last night they all played hide and seek with A. first i helped her count to 10, and taught her to say "ready or not, here i come!" she did very well at finding their hiding spots, except when G hid between the shower curtain and liner! even M didn't find him! it was hysterical to watch A walking around the house doing her "sneaky walk", calling "where are you?" when she couldn't find N, she would come to me and ask "where iz'em?" then it was A's turn to hide. the big kids counted to 10, and when they would playfully call to A to ask her where she was, she would call out "here i am!" one advantage of having a big house is lots of places to hide! they all had a great time.

here are M and N enjoying the fact that they can both be on the Internet at the same time, and not have to patiently wait for their turn. isn't technology grand?

and one last round of silliness- how many clowns can we fit in the Cozy Coupe? not too many, but we had fun trying!

this getting M back and forth to college can be very sleep depriving... i left at 4:30 this morning to take M to meet her ride to SC. (dave was in the woods, hunting) they made good time, and M called earlier, saying that they made it safely back to campus. so it's 17 more days of tests, papers and finals, and then we have her home again. we're all looking forward to that, and we are beginning our preparations for Jesus' birthday...

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Angie said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

When is the next MOPS meeting? I would really like to get in the habit of coming again. Does Melissa Harris still go? She has two little boys, Mason and Tyler. She and I used to go to church together.

Did you guys find a home church? I know in one of your older posts, you said you were looking.

I showed my mom your quilt block post. She Loved it!!!!
She has been looking at it over and over. She just started making one today.


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