Monday, December 15, 2008

still going, and getting there!

i wanted to show you that we really are working and making progress in the mud room. in the last several days we've had an ice storm, pig fence problems, pig problems, a Christmas party and our church Christmas play. so i didn't really have much time to keep up on my blogging! Dave has the next 3 days off, and we plan on working out here in the mud room, and essentially finishing it before we start on the kitchen. you can keep up-to-date with what we're doing in the to-do list over in the right hand column. I've been keeping that pretty current.

except for some trim, the butler's pantry is pretty much done. (I'm still working on that last door. it needs fixed before i can paint it) for now, unfortunately, this is pretty much the way this will look. as in, all piled with junk and crap our precious and essential belongings. we are in the middle of a major renovation (if you haven't noticed) so i can only expect so much.

here is the "new" wall. we moved the kitchen wall out 24" to accomodate for a few extra cabinets. dave is working on this wall now. the door on the left goes out to the back porch, and immediately to the right of this picture is the adjoining kitchen door.

i wasted no time painting and caulking, following Dave right around as he went. we made alot of progress in this room today! all the walls are painted, the trim is painted and waiting for Dave, and hopefully tomorrow i can "finish up"!

the wall is mostly done now, with a few ceiling issues to finish, (think old, crooked house) as well as the beadboard up top. I've also painted both doors- the kitchen door and the door to the porch. this wall will get 4 hooks for our frequently worn coats, as well as Dave's little hunting cabinet will be hung up.

i worked most of yesterday, and late last night getting the painting, caulking and trim done. there is still some more to be done, but for now, that's the extent of the pictures to show.

this is where the butler's pantry used to be. Dave wanted this wall to run the baseboard heater. now the heater is under the coat rack, and keeps our coats and boots toasty warm! this room is right off the kitchen, so is perfect for the family to come in and dump all their junk and crap essential belongings. i figure this room will help keep the house much neater.

i can always hope, right?


Angie said...

Wow, what progress!

I love that Butler's Pantry. I'm glad you kept it, I'll bet you are too :)

Angie said...

In response to your comment on my blog, the store in called "Creekside Discount Groceries". They are in Rome, right off of rt. 187. Are you familiar with the Rome area?


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