Thursday, December 18, 2008

no snow outside...

the other day i was walking through the Ben Franklin store, (think small town wal-mart) and i noticed that they had their boxes of frosted glass balls on sale for $1.99. i still needed a gift for Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless Since They Read My Blog, and that's when i had A Brilliant And Spontaneous Christmas Idea. i could make them into really cute snowmen ornaments, and they were not expensive at all. you still have time to make a set for yourself, or a friend- they are really easy!
in addition to the box of bulbs, i got some orange glitter paint and some black latex. the cat is not included with the bulbs, but if you leave me a comment, and your address, i will mail her to you in time for Christmas. really.

next i put on the noses- i was going for a carrot-ey sort of look.

then the eyes. i just dipped the end of a colored pencil in the paint, and dabbed it on. i was going for the charcoal-ey sort of look here.

next, the mouth.

and then the little guys are all done- happily smiling up at The One Who Shall Remain Nameless on Christmas morning!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those are sooooooo cute. And they look like something my non-painting self could tackle.

Is your kitty a menace? We have three and the kitten (who loves the Christmas tree) has just figured out that she has a perfect view of the bird feeder from the top branches of the Christmas tree. :)


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