Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

this year we procrastinated about getting our tree. we were waffling between buying an artificial tree, and a real one. we were waiting for the Christmas trees at Lowe's to go ridiculously cheap on clearance, but they sold out first... so, we just "settled" for a real tree. and settled it was indeed, since it was only a week before Christmas, and all the "good ones" were gone. also, it was apparent that our tree was from a tree farm that did not believe in lovingly tending and trimming their trees in the spring. this farm seemed to subscribe to the philosophy "just stick them in the ground and see if they grow." so our tree is a bit lopsided, uneven, and flat as well as bare in some spots. but we figured- stick enough ornaments, lights, garlands and candy canes on it, turn out the lights, and no one will ever know.

that's our story, and we're sticking to it.

part of our tree trimming tradition is having cookies and cider or sparkling grape juice. the little girls really seem to be enjoying this idea!

N is the official bulb hanger.

G likes the Swedish straw ornaments that were a gift from my brother and his wife.

M shows B the ornaments.

Daddy and A hang an ornament together.

B was pulling ornaments off the tree almost as fast as we could hang them!

M and A arrange the nativity under the tree.

G's job is to put the angel on the top. he's done this every year since he was 2 years old.

here is our tree all decorated (and the living room is actually neat, too!) the picture turned out a little dark, but maybe I'll take another picture and post it later. hopefully the next picture will be better!

i hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by the ones that you love and cherish. Merry Christmas!

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