Friday, December 05, 2008

more about the butler's pantry and mud room (which used to be called the utility room)

i had another post about the mud room and butler's pantry, but in a fit of bloggy housekeeping, i accidentally deleted it. so here is the current version, complete with pictures. more to follow later.
I've cleared off the work space of the butler's pantry, and am painting it with the high gloss latex enamel, after having primed it. i really like this color.

priming and painting the trim.

here is the joint compound that Dave was using to finish the ceiling. apparently we are too good for the normal stuff. nothing but the best- the professional stuff is all we'll use! and a shot of our really cool Drywall Compound Sander And Sucker Upper; a housewarming gift of the most practical kind.

the Drywall Sander And Sucker Upper in action.

getting ready to paint the ceiling.

painting the ceiling. here i am wearing my painting sweatshirt. i only wear it when i paint. and considering how much I've been painting lately, it's a good thing that it's my favorite sweatshirt!

the ceiling is done. and i really like the color. but the funny thing is, it was hard to paint with, because I'm so used to painting with semi-gloss or latex enamel, that it felt really strange to paint with a flat paint. i kept thinking that something was wrong.

and another funny thing- i asked Dave tonight what he thought of the ceiling. (and that was after he worked in the mud room all morning putting the light back up, and hanging some of the trim and stuff.) i said "what do you think of the ceiling?" and he just looked at me, and said, "it's a ceiling. it's white" and i was all like- "oh no, it's blue. a lovely shade of blue" "really?" he said. anyway... i had to show him the paint can to convince him. so it's a subtle shade of blue, obviously.

for now, this is turning out to be one of my favorite rooms in the house! i'll keep you updated on the progress that we are making.


Angie said...

I have one of those sweatshirts too.
I love it, it's like a 4XL, it's so comfy.

Thanks for your advice on my tough questions post, I appreciate it.

Octamom said...

It's just amazing to me, the progress you are making! Love the header--the house is so charming--fantastic job!



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