Saturday, December 06, 2008

i guess we fixed them!

after a stressful day on Thursday with the pigs, we decided to change the way we are charging our fence. the pigs are bigger and smarter and getting more aggressive as they grow. time to put our foot down, and show them who's in charge!

A and i went up to Tractor Supply on Friday morning and got a new battery operated fence charger. this baby puts out 10,000 volts, and is powered by a lawnmower battery.

when we got home, we went down and switched over the fence to the new charger. immediately, it started giving off regular blips of electricity, one about every other second or so. there was also a high pitched whine vibrating through the air.

after coming out to eat their breakfast, and snuffling around a bit, Pig and Spot spent the rest of the day in their little house, trembling with nervousness.

i guess we showed them who's boss!


Octamom said...

If I had any pigs (which I don't), I would compliment you on your pig behavioral-adjustment plan and the wisdom of said plan. But since I can only speak to your solution from a place of complete ignorance, let me just say....oink!

Angie said...

We raised pigs when I was a kid. They were terrors. They would bite at us as soon as we stepped in their pen. I ate that ham and bacon mostly out of spite. :)


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