Tuesday, December 16, 2008

be still, my beating heart!

DIAMONDS- A Girl's Best Friend.

that is, unless the girl is me. and unless she spends most all of her time painting. and wearing the same old paint-splattered LLBean sweatshirt.

a few weeks ago, Dave brought me home a gift. it made my little heart go pitter-pat. what could it be, you ask? it was in a box. a medium sized white box. this box had 12 tubes inside. 12 tubes of one of mankind's finest inventions, (excluding the printing press, penicillin and debit cards, of course!). still don't know what it is?

it was an ENTIRE case of white, paintable latex caulk! and unless you've never been cursed with trying to paint over silicone caulk, you might not understand the momentous occasion this truly was. latex caulk is wonderful! it covers a multitude of sins and teensy mistakes- and once you paint over it, no one will ever know what went on underneath. i've been busy in the mud room this afternoon, and i sure am loving my latex caulk. and dave.

here is my other best friend- a small trim brush. i bought that for myself. it's perfect for those small jobs where i'm touching up, and the handle is all comfy and rubbery. i like to paint, and these 2 favorite things make my job much easier.

just in case you wanted to know!

PS- i updated the mud room post below with new pictures.

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