Sunday, December 14, 2008

aliens that look like snowmen (or snowmen that look like aliens)

i saw a cute Christmas idea in a magazine last week, and thought that it would be fun to try it. we made snowmen, using white chocolate, pretzel rods and assorted candies. G and I did it yesterday afternoon, and while they are kind of cute, in an alien sort of way, they didn't turn out nearly as cute as what was pictured in the magazine! oh well!

G willingly helped me make these, and it didn't take too long. i read a tip on April's blog to use a pastry brush to help spread the chocolate evenly and thinly. i will say that was a very good tip! thanks, April! while the white chocolate was still soft, G pressed in the buttons, eyes and nose. later we put on the licorice scarves- which was by far the hardest part.

we'll be taking them to church tonight. we're having a cookie social after our Christmas play. G and i thought maybe we would tell everyone that A made them. all by herself. then they wouldn't look so pathetic. or alienish.

and I'll let you guess who said that.

UPDATE: we just got home from our Christmas program (more about that later) and the pretzels were all gone! and here is little B really enjoying the one that i gave her. however, she made a huge mess with it- mostly getting the *white* chocolate all over the sleeve of my *black* shirt!

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Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest things I've ever seen. We have been trying to think of what Alex can take to his Boy Scout Christmas party next week. I think those might be just the ticket. :)

Our church is having it's Christmas Program tonight too. We go to the Methodist church in Nichols (NY)

Have a great time at yours.


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