Saturday, September 20, 2008

we could use a little imput here!

we seem to have a little problem here at our house, and I'm hoping that you can help us! in case you're a new visitor to my blog, we recently moved into our 1807 colonial farmhouse, and are in the process of totally renovating it. as in top to bottom, inside and out. the only thing that is staying is the kitchen ceiling and the attic insulation. really. everything else will be removed and/or redone. really.

anyway, when we first came to look at this house last July, one of my very favorite parts about it was this butler's pantry. (the other was the doorway elipse going into the ballroom upstairs.) we don't know for sure how old the butler's pantry is, but the addition on the house, where it is located, was built prior to 1890. so according to my math, it could very well be over 120 years old. really.

now, here's where the problem comes in. i really love this butler's pantry. i like old things, and old houses, and this definitely can qualify as both. plus, it's really cool. and i can store lots of things in it, too. since it's located in the utility/mudroom, it will help keep our stuff neat and tidy. conversely, dave hates the butler's pantry. he thinks it's junky, poorly built, an eyesore, ugly and dirty. (did i cover it all, dear?) plus, the back wall of the butler's pantry is still covered in plaster and lath, which will need to come out- in addition to the scrubbing, scraping and painting needed to make it presentable. also, the top 3 cupboard doors will need to be replaced, although my FIL has already volunteered to do that for me.

I'll let you look at the following 3 pictures before i go on any further.

so- here's where we (i) would appreciate your input. should we take down the cupboards? or do you agree with me that they are worth salvaging? i know that they will take alot of work, and since Dave is so busy with thousands of other things that i am unable to do, i realize that all the work will fall on my shoulders. however, I'm willing (and rather excited) to do it- i can really see the potential these old butler's cupboards have. and I'm more than willing to invest some time and elbow grease to get the job done.

I've installed a poll on my side bar for you to vote- yes? or no? take the time now to register your opinion- a little piece of history hangs in the balance! and just to put things in perspective- the country doctor's wife doesn't realize how good she has it! she should read this post! but of course, if the butler had come with the pantry, i'd be so happy to have houshold help, that i'd let dave rip out any old thing his heart desired!


Muthering Heights said...

I would soooooooooooooo restore it. Just think of how beautiful it will be when it's all done!

Angie said...

Keep it, keep it, keep it! I can just envision it being restored to it's original beauty.

AVT Coach said...

Came to your blog from Angie's angels and Octamom. What a wonderful project, I love old buildings, I live in an historical small town in OK and we have a 98 year old church! I will be adding you to my place so I can keep up with the remodel, can't wait to read more about it!


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