Thursday, March 13, 2008

in the beginning...

so here we are at the very beginning. this is what the house looked like on the day that we closed, December 11, 2007. due to the delay in closing, the dumpster we ordered was already there- all 10 cubic yards of it! (you can just make out gabriel and i standing in it.) we were surprised to see how large it was- almost as big as a small house! even more surprisingly, we would fill it to overflowing in the next few weeks- a total of 14 tons!

we came back to the house after signing the papers, and i walked around taking pictures. it definitely looked a little more rough than we had remembered! i think at that point that both dave and i were thinking to ourselves "what have we gotten ourselves into!?" however, we were confident in the future potential that exists in this amazing but neglected house. from some of the pictures hopefully you can see the gorgeous woodwork, particularly around the downstairs windows and fireplaces. i love the (grand) hallway and upstairs landing, and even the sitting room at the top of the steps. there are also 4 bedrooms upstairs, plus the master downstairs. we will add 2 bathrooms off the main hallway, one of them being the master bath. with the double living room, kitchen and utility and laundry room, there will be lots of room for our family. you can see, however, that the kitchen leaves alot to be desired! I'll post some pictures, and tell of the exciting plans for that on another day.

that first evening, we got right to work on cleaning up the yard, and also carrying out some of the junk from the house. it was soon dark, and without any electricity we reluctantly left our new home, already making plans to come back soon, and start the work in earnest.

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