Wednesday, July 02, 2008

there's a whole lot of celebrating going on around here!

my baby A banana was 2 on Sunday- another of my girls growing up at lightning speed! it seems like just yesterday that we were waiting impatiently for her to come- and she is such a wonderful part of our life and i couldn't imagine it without her! we celebrated her birthday over several days, due to the busy family schedule, but she didn't mind. for her birthday dinner we had hot dogs, french fries, chocolate covered raisins and grapes- all her favorites. (and the ketchup, of course!
she received lots of neat things for her birthday, but the hit was the pots and pans from us, the highchair for Charlotte from G, and the kitchen "set" from M. she spends lots of time playing with these (and we spend lots of time picking up the 736 pieces!) the boys got her a piggy bank for her "monies" and a humming bird feeder- both of which she likes very much, too.

M celebrated her 19th birthday on Thursday, and through a miracle not of our own doing, everyone was home for dinner! she had a more sophisticated birthday menu, consisting of chicken sandwiches on home made rolls, goop and bongo bongo dip, with brownies for her dessert. dave and i gave her a quilt that i had made that she really likes- made out of civil war reproduction fabrics. now she wants to paint her room those colors! she also got some kitchen stuff, a lamp for college and a payless gift certificate. already next month she will be going off to college, and i can't imagine our life without her!

ps- i meant to post these pictures the other way, as M's birthday is before A's, but the computer was being stupid! (no, it wasn't me!)

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