Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a sure foundation

the foundational work has been a constant project for several weeks now, and they are making progress. at least, i keep telling myself that! the endless holes, dirt, stones, noise and general upheaval are starting to get to me. but dave and the boys are steadily working, and even hope to have cement tomorrow.

everyone works a litte harder when the little supervisor comes to inspect thier work!

D and G dug under the joists, back 10", in preperation for dave making the footer.

dave decided that the cistern needed to go, in order to pour the foundaton properly. so N is loading the stones in the bucket. see- i told you that tractor would come in handy!

dave needs to slide a support under this corner, in order to finishe the repacing of all the joists. there are just a few more to go on each side.

so there you have it- all my faithful readers, who check in every once in a while, just see how our crazy wild restoration is going. thank you!

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