Sunday, July 20, 2008

small towns are the freindliest sort of towns!

late yesterday afternoon was the fireman's parade in monroeton, signaling the end of the carnival. we put the girls in the wagon, and dashed off downtown, so they could see all the activity. it's just the thing for 2 little nosy girls like ours. gabriel and nathaniel came too, just for kicks. we had a good time, although we were warned that the parade was rather short.
anna gathered almost 1/2 bag of candy. one of the firemen even helped her pick it up. she was very cautious about the vehicles, and not greedy at all. she shared her candy with the little girl sitting next to us when the parade was over. i was very proud of her!

there was quite a large showing of emergency vehicles, from all over. fire trucks, pumpers, ambulances, rescue trucks... considering the price of gas, i was impressed.

anna is just way too cute! i remember when miriam was exactly this age, and we went to the mifflinburg fireman's parade. she had ponytails, too, but hers were dark, and she also ended up with a ton of candy. she shared with her brothers- she was an equally as generous little girl.

betsy was content to sit in the wagon and chew on her flag from the bank.

now we're on our way home-we really don't live too far from downtown monroeton, such as it is!

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