Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it was a big day!

dave and the boys have been working hard on this foundation project for a while- it seems as if it's been months and months, but i know that's not so! there is dirt, wood, tools, dirt, stones, tools, mud and dirt all over my front yard. did i mention that there is dirt all over? heaps and mounds of it. all over. my front yard. you cannot get into the house without a.) leaping over a large hole b.)precariously balancing on a board placed over a large hole c.)walking through a large pile of dirt or d.) all of the above. but as of today, i can *almost* see the light at the end of the tunnel. the cement truck came bright and early this morning, and we poured the footer, so now we are on the upside of this project. and since i know that the hordes and scads of people that read my blog my mother-in-law wants to see pictures, I've posted a plethora of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

building the footer form

the footer, on the other side

firming it up, to make sure that it won't move as the cement is being pumped in

all ready on this side!

dave is doing some last minute checking.

thar she blows!

the boys and dave are hustling to get the cement where it goes.

check out the muscles on that buff looking kid! that's what working all summer will get for you!

all done- and they've started working on the drainage issues. that's what got the house into all this trouble in the first place. 120+ years of improper rain drainage can lead to big problems. trust me! this corner of the house is where my rain barrel will go. i have pleasant visions of watering my kitchen garden, which will be here next summer. i will be daintily stepping on my rock path, while wearing a straw hat, carefully watering my herbs and collecting my fresh lettuce and tomatoes for dinner for my family.

OK- back to reality and the rocks, mud and dirt. but i can dream, can't i?

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