Wednesday, July 02, 2008

i must be a glutton for punishment!

i figured while we're at it, we might as just well keep rolling along, so we're continuing along the front of the house, ripping out the sitting room, and the boy's room. like i keep saying- the only way to get it done, is to get it done. D is gone for the week, staffing sea cadet boot camp training down in fort indiantown gap, so it's G and N for this job. (we hope D is not having too much fun!)
here G is helping me with my persistent delusion that i will keep plaster dust from all over the house. what a nice young man!

yes, yes, i know i'm micro managing (what's with the map and list anyway?) but this is all part of the aforementioned delusion. i'll let you know how it's going.

the paneling is off, and they're ready to go at it.

this reminds me of a game i had when i was a little kid!

every little bit out here, means it's not in my house anymore!

they have made excellent progress. i hope to have this done by next week, and the boys moved back into their room.

all that remains to be done in these 2 rooms is a few walls, and the lath. they'll be back at it tomorrow, since Dave will be at work, and wont' need their help with the foundation.

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