Wednesday, July 30, 2008

he's a ditch digging fool!

D has had a very busy summer- he's been off traveling with the sea cadets for several weeks this summer, and although he works hard while he's here, the other 2 boys have done much of the digging in his stead. D had only 2 more days to go before he left yet again, so i gave him this ditch to dig, since i knew that he would be motivated to get it done. he did an admirable job, and it took him less than 2 days. (this is one of the 2 ditches that we dug to help alleviate the water problem around the foundation. the rainwater was literally pouring into the cellar, so this project was moved to the top of the list. )
he's hard at it, and making good progress, too!

A wants to help. she went to find a shovel all by herself, so she could help her brother.

the ditch is done, and as you can see, it's pretty deep! they have laid (lain?) the drain pipe in and we should have a bone dry cellar the next time it rains!

everyone is happy now! dave gets to use his new tractor, N does not have to shovel all the dirt back in by hand, (D left again wednesday morning) and it's just a little bit easier to get into the house without risking life and limb!

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