Monday, July 07, 2008

good thing it only has 3 sides!

it can get very busy, dirty and overwhelming around here, but we just keep plugging along. i know that we are making progress, sometimes it's just hard to see in the day to dayness of our life. for all the aggravation that teenage boys can bring, we are thankful for their help. overall, they are willing, and hard workers, getting very dirty and sweaty doing the projects that we have for them. now we are on to digging out the final trench on the addition, so Dave can replace the remaining joists, and prepare for the pouring of the new foundation.
here G and N are digging out the sill/foundation, to a depth of 32"

dave is in the basement, nailing in the new joists. the air compressor has definitely come in handy, making the job go faster. (and i'm all for making dave's life easier!)

A is supervising dave's work through the hole in the kitchen floor.

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