Wednesday, July 02, 2008

getting worse, part 2

dave and the boys have been working on the foundation on the other side of the house, and are making nice progress so far. of course, this involves a huge mess, lots of mud and dirt, and a very large and disconcerting hole in the utility room floor! they have dug the trench/ditch, and have replaced the plate. now they are sawing out the sill, and sliding in new joists, which has made the whole addition more level and sturdy. no more spongy spots. dave hopes to be done with 2/3 of replacing the joists today, and then i guess there is just the remaining side to dig out, and then the replacing of the sill and foundation. he makes it sound so easy! i just keep walking over the holes, and cleaning up all the messes, hoping that he'll be done soon.
here they have dug out this side, and have replaced the sill and one joist.

down in the basement now, cutting out the whatever this thing is called, and replacing it with overlapped 2X12's, 12 and 16 feet long. i guess the only thing holding up the house at this point is habit- or that tiny 2X4!
here you can see from the basement joist, all the way out to the ditch, running along the joists.

taking out another piece. (it's not as heavy as it looks!)

replacing all the joists. G and N have been helping with that, from the basement, sliding the new joists alongside the old, and then nailing them together.

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