Monday, July 21, 2008

every little bit of progress counts!

last winter when we were ripping out the plaster and lath, we needed somewhere to go with it, as we quickly realized that we could never afford to fill endless dumpsters with the lath. so dave just had the boys start a lath pile outside the back door. while it was very convenient, the pile quickly grew to monstrous proportions, and we've been looking at that jumbled up mess ever since. last week i decided that I'd had just about enough, so in between working on the foundational issues with dave, all 3 boys have been cutting up the lath and lumber to 3' lengths, to go in the stove come cold weather. and here is the pile today- it's much neater, and the grass will grow back, so no worries there. another reason i wanted the pile cleaned is that this is the view that you see as you either drive by, or first thing when you pull in. once the wood in front of the tree is burned, N and i have a very good tire that we plan on making into an amazing tire swing!

today G and Dl started insulating the upstairs. that really needs to be done, as there was no insulation, what-so-ever in these could see right outside. I'm thinking that would get just a tiny bit cold in November. dave also showed G how to put the electrical boxes in, so they are waiting for when he's ready to make them hot.

above is the room that will be the sewing room. below is the sitting room.

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