Wednesday, June 11, 2008

building character- one son at a time

one of the projects that i have for the boys this summer is to refinish some furniture for me. it's all part of the master scheme to teach them responsibility, the value of hard work, and respect for other's property. this stems from the fact that there is a shocking amount of furniture in my house that is carved on, painted on or written on- or a combination of all three. they each have a piece of furniture that they will be restoring to its former glory. D is working on stripping the high chair. he started on Monday morning, and it's coming along nicely, and will hopefully be done with it tomorrow.
this is what it looked like before he started working on it- painted white. we found it along the curb in lewisburg one Friday afternoon while doing papers. we brought it home and A, and now B, has been using it ever since.

now he has it stripped, and is working on scraping off the last of the paint. we will coat it with a clear coat of butcher's wax, which will really bring out the grain in the maple and oak.

i think i can speak for all the boys- if hard work builds character, then by the end of the summer they should be dripping with the stuff! and that's what it's all about!

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