RSC15 quilts

RSC15 was a busy year for me! I started/worked on/pieced about 12+ quilts, using strips, crumbs and squares. (overachiever, much?) here are the ones that are completed. the rest I am still working on (with the goal of completing a top every month or so).

somehow I had talked myself into the possibility that I could use ALL. THE. FABRIC.
but remember: a stash is not a bad thing- we want to have fabric that's available for our next inspired project! we want to have fabric that we've purchased/stashed for $1yd, $2yd, $3yd, $5yd... do you really want to go to your LQS and pay $11yd, if you don't have to?

so with that in mind, I'm looking at my fabric more like the food in my freezers: I worked hard all summer long to grow/harvest/preserve the veggies, jam and meat that's in them. I don't want my freezer to be empty- but rather a rolling resource that's available for my family and me.

each month as Angela called red, green and yellow, I pulled the squares for this Christmas quilt. (which was done in time to enjoy at Christmas!) I quilted it with straight lines through the whites, and after a go through the washer and dryer, it's a perfect snuggly Christmas sofa quilt.

this quilt is 75 (of the 189) 16 patches that I made. it's such an odd size because I made it for my tables at Farmer's Market. (which I arrange in an L shape) I chose all the fabrics that have veggies, flowers or animals on them. for good measure I also chose any sewing themed fabrics, as well as a few coffee fabrics too. This quilt is off being quilted right now, and even though I won't be needing it until June, I'm pretty excited about it.

I told hubby: when I'm at Farmer's Market, folks can come to my table for several reasons: the fresh and bountiful vegetables and fruit, the stimulating conversation with the farmer, or just to look at my quilt!

*updated to add:* above is the picture of my stand at our local Farmer's Market. it's still early in the season (June in northeastern PA) but we still have quite a few things to bring to market...)

above: (terrible picture, cool quilt!) Every Little Bit 68"X86". made from my crumb blocks, and Kona white. 

Lover's Knot 66"X72" RSC15 I made heaps and scads and hordes of 9 patch blocks. 3 Kona white, 1 scrappy black, and 5 monochromatic blocks in the color of the month. this is the second quilt that I pieced from that pile.

RSC15 Sampler 89" square. Angela from so scrappy designed this wonderful sampler quilt; I changed it up a bit. I  used my crumb blocks for the center of the sawtooth stars. there are so many favorite fabrics in this sampler- hundreds and hundreds of happy memories!

this quilt has since been completed (and SOLD!) at one of the MCC auctions in Seattle, WA. it brought a great price, and i was thrilled to play a part in helping raise money for such a worthy cause. (I shared a bit about this here)  

this scrappy 16 patch was pieced during RSC15 and completed during RSC16. I used the COM, and scrappy tans. it's off at the quilters waiting for quilting, and will be sent to one of the MCC auctions. 

I started this split 4-patch quilt during RSC14. it's pretty twiddly for me (the squares are only 3"!!!) so it took a couple years to work through all the colors. I really like this quilt, and plan on keeping it for myself. (my hubbys favorite color is blue). it's in the sewing room closet, paired with backing. i have the binding all made. 

this bow-tie quilt uses up alot of the 4 patches that I pieced during RSC14. I got the idea from Bonnie Hunter's book, More Adventures with Leaders and Enders. In true Bonnie Hunter style, her squares were 2". I used my 3" squares. 

the bow ties are set in Kona snow. I chose brown for the sashing in the blocks because brown goes with mostly anything, and to calm the quilt down a bit.. the cornerstones are Kona papaya, paired with another sashing of Kona storm. This quilt is also at the quilters waiting to be quilted and will be sent to one of the MCC auctions.


scraphappy said...

It is always so much fun to see new interpretations of patterns. Your sampler is truly a beatiful collection of memories

Ariane said...

These are all beautiful quilts! Thanks for the inspiration!!

make.share.give said...

Wow! So many beautiful pictures!


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