RSC14 quilts

RSC14- my first year joining Angela and all the others sewing my scraps one color at a time. I made all small quilts- mostly about 40"X50", and I planned to make 7 quilts altogether: one for each of my children, and one for me...
I started by going through my stash, and cutting up my smaller pieces of fabric into sizes that I knew I would use: and it was mostly 3" squares. I also did the 2½" strips, and saved small pieces for crumb piecing.

I didn't have a crystal clear direction of where I was going, but my pinterest RSC board helped consolidate ideas for me.

this quilt (above) is Rainbow Nines, and finished at 45" X 53". this turned out to be my favorite quilt. A (my 9 year old) chose this quilt for herself. I loved it so much, that I made another one for me, to keep on the chair in my sewing room.

this quilt- Bottled Rainbow, finished at 45" X 52". it was loosely (or not-so-loosely) based on Rachel's tutorial, Bottled Rainbow. I used my crumb blocks. this quilt was a gift to my daughter-in-law, P, who is my son N's (25) wife. they live in Tacoma, WA, while N is stationed at Fort Hood.

I loved P's Bottled Rainbow so much that I used some extra crumb blocks, and made a table runner for myself. I especially like the spiral quilting! this quilt is about 26" square.

this Color Wheel quilt hangs in my sewing room. (you can see it here) it's 42" square. Rachel is one of my favorite bloggers, and I visit her site regularly. when I saw this pattern for sale, I new I had to make it for my sewing room. let me just put in a plug for Rachel: this pattern is SUPER EASY to follow- (the quarter circles are pieced in, not appliqued) and the color wheel went together without. a. hitch. highly recommend!

Two Stars is 42" X 51½" and was a gift for my youngest daughter, B. (she's 8 now) I made the first star out of all the bright and clear rainbow colors, and then wondered what the same star, same colors would look like dialed way, way down.

Rainbow Rows is made out of crumb blocks, and is 42" X 54". it lives on the back of the sofa in my oldest daughter M's (26) house. she's married now, but lives close by. (lucky me!) I had enough crumb blocks to make another one of these, so I gave it to my quilting friend (a longarmer) and we sent it to one of the MCC auctions.
the Neutral Squares is one of my favorites (again!) and measures 48" square. of course it was inspired by the book Sunday Morning Quilts by Cheryl and Amanda Jean. I intended this quilt for my oldest son, D. (25, and oldest twin to N) he was home on leave (he's a Hospital Corpsman in the USNavy) and he said he didn't need it, as he already had a quilt for his bed. ack! anyway.... I am happy to give it a home  here.

this Sudoku Quilt measures 39" X 51". it's the only one of the RSC14 quilts that is not completely finished. it's hanging with the backing in my sewing room closet. this quilt can be for my youngest son, G (22). the pattern is a Sudoku puzzle- I chose 9 different fabrics, assigned them a number, and laid them out according the solution. I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed with this RSC14 quilt. even though I picked out my FAVorite fabrics, I don't like it too well. it's too jumbly. I made some other Sudoku quilts for baby/shower gifts, and I like them much better.

1/17 *edited to add: I've completed this quilt, and decided for the moment to use it for a grandbaby quilt. this way we have 2 grandbaby quilts in case both grandchildren ever visit at the same time...

however: having said that, I'd be more than thrilled to give it to son #3 should he want it!
with the exception of the Sudoku quilt above, all these quilts are completed, and living with their new owner. I was happy to make all these quilts out of scraps/stash (!!!) and even happier to share them with my children.
and here's a hint, in case any of them are reading this post, and managed to get this far: any quilts that I tag #youonlyhavetoask on instagram, are yours for the asking- you only have to ask!

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