Saturday, October 11, 2014

RSC: brown and black (and busy!)

borrowing the blog title from Angela- it's been busy here, too! i thought this week would be a bit slower- but HA!

my baby turned 7 this week. SEVEN! and with my oldest daughter being 25, that can sure make a mamma feel old in a hurry! this week was busy with a dentist appointment, piano lessons, birthday preparations and celebrations, 64 quarts of applesauce (done with lots of help, though!), harvesting 40+ bushels of potatoes and closing down the gardens and fields, so there was not a lot of time (and energy!) for sewing.
but I did get these 7 blocks done. I'm ready to move on to the brown and black split 4 patches, and then the crumb blocks for brown, black and grey.
totally loving the RSC! and: is anyone else squealing with excitement about Bonnie Hunters's 2014 mystery, Grand Illusion? or is it just me? I can't wait to do my fabric pull for that quilt- the colors look so exciting and happy.


Edith said...

Yes you are busy, nice little brown blocks. My baby turned 20 this year!

scraphappy said...

Glad the busyness is going around these days. Sounds like you have been super productive though. Love your browns!

Sheila said...

Beautiful scraps. 16 patch blocks are perhaps my all time favorite.
You have been busy!
Oh Yes. I'm excited about the new BH mystery quilt. I find those colors most interesting and will go with them for my quilt.


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