Saturday, January 01, 2011

a year of quilting: January

what better excuse to start a new quilt than just the simple fact that it's a new year? now that it's January 1, I'm posting the link to our FQ Calendar Quilt.

the block for January 2011 is the Centennial Tree, which can be found here.

I'll warn you- it's a bit twiddly, but hang in there! you can see from the photo that i did the trunk a bit differently, but i like the way this looks better anyway. ( i just omitted the last, lower triangle)

it's not too late to hop on board for this quilt- you can search FQ calendar quilt in my search engine (on the right) or just look here. you'll find any info that you might have missed.

it's still not too late to join Judy's UFO 2011 project, either. details can be found here, or click on the logo on my sidebar. (on the right)

happy quilting!

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