Saturday, July 22, 2017

sewing the blues

blue squares were the project of the week...

it was a crazy, busy week (but don't most of us say that every week?)but I got just a bit of sewing time in .

looking forward to finishing some blue this week- 16 patches and maybe get a start on the crumb blocks.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

my blue squares had baby blues!

when Angie said that us quilters have lots of blues, she must have been thinking of my blue stash! yikes!

these are just the 3"' squares- all ??? of them! after a busy, busy week, I was finally able to sort them all last night- and it was a Big Job.
and the blues? there's Royal blue. and Baby blue. don't forget Sky blue and Slate blue. of course there's Navy blue and Light blue, just for good measure.
all these squares have been sorted into the piles for my low volume plus blocks, and the 16 patches. I'm off to the sewing room for some much needed relaxing sewing time- after linking up to Angies blog, of course, and seeing what everyone else is up to.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

it's a good thing I can swim...

or I'd be drowning in all my blues over here!

I finished my blues and indigo Kona Cotton 16 patches- loving them just as much as ever...

it's taken me the rest of the week to put a dent in the taming of all my other blue scraps.  I just have a few oddballs left to sort and trim, and then I'm ready to work on my low volumes with the blues: a low volume plus, and the low volume 16 patches.
and the crumbs: it's a mountain of crumbs that will take several (many?!) evenings to sew into the blue crumb blocks.

better get busy! click on over to angie's to see what everyone else is working on...

Saturday, July 01, 2017

yellow: happy quilter, happy life...

I promise I do other  things in my life besides quilting with RSC! we have a full and busy life, I just most often use my blog (these days) for quilting related link ups... 
it's July 1- and we're on to blue now. I still have a few yellows to finish up, but got them all done! now I'm ready to tackle the blues. as Angie pointed out- blues are often a huge color for us quilters, and I'm no exception!


I had a pleasantly surprising infusion of yellow scraps the last couple weeks- 2 friends stopped by and gave me a bag of scraps. it's fun to sort through, and have some fresh scraps to add to all the RSC projects.

again- the yellows are interesting: pale yellows that make me wonder if they should go in with the low volume scraps, bright sunshiny yellows, goldish yellows and then the cheddars that make me wonder some more if they should go in with the oranges... 43 (in all) yellow crumb blocks- I'm going to have to think of something great to do with all my crumb blocks- I have lots, too!

click on over to Angie's to see what other scrappy goodness is showcased this week!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Miles and miles of sewing....

Finally! after several evenings of dedicated piecing, I was able to get (one of) my pinwheel quilts into a flimsy!

I started piecing these "pinwheels" out of 2½" strips back in RSC15. (they're cut into 4½" squares, then 4 are sewn together. it's a pretty basic pattern...)
this year I started sewing the squares into the pinwheels, and since this month it's my UFO for the 2017 challenge over at Patchwork Times, I pulled it out again, finished and pressed all the blocks and worked on a layout.

it's a huge one- EQ says it's 101" X 113"! I love the look of the diagonally set quits, but those corner to corner seams sure seem like they're miles and miles long! 144" , or somewhere around there!
there were still 99 (!) blocks left over, and my youngest daughter, B and I arranged them into another quilt. since it's just a straight set, I'm hoping it will be a bit quicker to piece...

9 yellow crumb blocks round out my piecing for yellow this week. I still have a lot of yellow to work with, so I'm off to the sewing room!

click on over to so scrappy to see what everyone else is working on!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

almost there!

I'm bound and determined to get some of these lurking, nearly finished quilts DONE! (dee-oh-en-ee)

*edited to add:*  I linked up so late last week, that I'm linking this post again. also: can you even believe that it's the LAST yellow Saturday?!

the row of green can also fall under the category of "measure twice, cut once". I made my flying geese per the Eleanor Burns directions, (and ruler). I knew they would finish slightly bigger than the size Angela planned for, but since the math all worked out, I just decided to save myself some of the bother.
unfortunately, I mixed up the size squares that were to be cut for the geese and the background. I considered (for about 3 nano-seconds) re-doing the geese, but in the end figured that it would just make my quilt that much more unique in a (possible) wide sea of RSC16 Column Quilts.

not surprisingly, I fell behind on my RSC Column-Along. but for RSC17 I've been catching up on this (really, really cool) quilt one row, and one color at a time, as Angela calls the new color.
if you're interested, here's the colors I used for the green and yellow. sour apple, mint, holly, grasshopper, green grass, avocado, pickle, chartreuse and basil. yellows are daffodil, buttercup, curry, butter, canary, corn yellow, maize, and yarrow.
so now I've got 9 rows DONE! now it's only the pink row to go- and easy one of hatchets, and I have lots of pinks in my kona stash from my granddaughter E's quilt. can someone please direct me to the final directions/order of assembling the rows? I can't seem to find it on Angela's blog...
I'm making 2 of these quilts- the large and small ( I know, I know- I can't help it- really!) one to keep and one to give. getting excited to see the end of this quilt nearly in sight- Angela did a great job designing it.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

little bits, every oncet in a while...

halfway through June (already!!!) and it's my first link up for RSC. I've been working in bits and bobs as time and energy allows.

above are the (gallon) glass jars that I keep my scraps bits in that I use to piece my crumb blocks for the month. (not pictured are the 4(!) jars of neutral/low volume scraps and bits) despite piecing the crumb blocks (6½" cut) for 4 years now, the jars are never empty! (reminds me of a bible story!) but it's all good- I really enjoy piecing the crumb blocks!

I pieced 9 of the yellow/indigo kona 16 patches- with colors like butter, yarrow, daffodil, corn yellow, curry, canary, butter, maize, buttercup, ect...

I just know I'd gonna lovelovelove this quilt when it's done!

this Thursday I had a few "free" moments before I needed to set up for Farm Market, and got out my pinwheel blocks- I started these in RSC15. my plans for the layout of these blocks has changed at least 2 times along the way, but for the first quilt, I've settled on an on-point setting, with the colors running diagonally through the quilt.
(funny how the cats in a quilty household are so "helpful", right?)

as usual, I've managed to be an over-achiever: the layout needed 162 blocks, and I've pieced 259! sheesh! there are many, many different fabrics in this quilt- very little repeats of the colors. the purple row is 17 unique pinwheels- not a single duplicate! I would never have guessed that I even HAD that many purples!
I'm looking forward to getting this pieced together, and then i'll tackle another smaller quilt with the leftobers. Judy is doing a UFO "challenge" for 2017. she's petered out in the quilting (but loves knitting!) but I'm just glad for the extra motivation to get some lurking UFOs done. for the 6 months of 2017, I've completed 5 of my older UFOs. sure glad about that!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

In which the blogger actually FINISHES a quilt!

can you even believe it?! i finished a RSC quilt! we won't be too picky about how this is a RSC15 quilt, and it's RSC17... 

i had this top pieced into a flimsy for a while, and it was even quilted (baptist fans) for a longer while, and EVEN on the guest room bed with no binding for a while, too!

my cousin contacted me, and was interested in buying this quilt. turns out, i hated to let it go, D(there are so many scraps and memories in this quilt) but she loved it, and i knew it was going to a good home. i quickly finished off the binding, and this quilt went to its new forever home a couple weeks ago. 

Kona solids for the win!

I"m loving how these simple 16 patches are turning out! Kona indigo is in each block, with my stash in the COM for the alternate squares. 

this month I have: sour apple, avocado, pickle, moss, holly, grasshopper, spruce, green grass, chartreuse, sweet pea, leaf and mint.

i'm sure this will be a  quilt i'm keeping, although i say that about lots of my quilts! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

So much green: all around!

so many greens, and sorted into different piles: sage, puke, forest, grass, lime...

then each sewn into 2 matching 16 patches- a light middle, a dark middle...

all with the 3" squares in my suitcase of squares... (which never, ever gets emptier, by the way...)

not complaining... click on over to angie's, see what everyone else is sewing this springy Saturday.


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