Saturday, July 16, 2016

I'm still here!

the garden is growing well, and we're very busy planting, tending and harvesting... every once in awhile I'm able to sew for just a little bit. (but not this week!) it's taken me a couple weeks to get my photos uploaded, but here I am!

I'm loving my low-volume plus quilt. (are you an old-enough quilter that you can remember when we called "low volume" our "neutrals"?) ha! every month my LV+ quilt is the first one I go to... it's easy, and soothing to piece.

the granny squares are going fine, too. I have all the aquas done, and a few pinks. I still have a couple greens to finish up from May.

My Simply Woven quilt blocks are all done. here my daughter, A, and our friend B are laying it out at Scraps to Wraps for me. the rows are pieced together, now I just need to sew the rows together. next time I want to do a quilt like this, please talk me out of it! it didn't' go together as easily as I had hoped... (but I'm sure it will all quilt out!) I have a big bag of 2½" strips that someone gave me for S2W, and I plan to use them to make a Scrappy Trips quilt ala' Bonnie Hunter.
I haven't even worked on my RSC16 Column-Along! it's in the back of my mind, though, and I have all intentions of finishing it. I love column quilts, and have always wanted to make one. I just need to take the time to look over my stash of Konas, and see what I still need. our local Ben Franklin has the Konas for $5.49/yd every day! how fantastic is THAT?
be sure to pop in over at Angela's blog to see what everyone else is making!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Snippets of aqua

a jot of aqua... a morsel of aqua... a chunk, a dollop a shred of aqua... a speck, a dose, a pinch of aqua... Roget's was helpful with my boring title, but I guess i'll stick with snippets...

the gardens are doing well, and we have enough help, and every oncet in a while I have a bit of energy AND time and sneak off to sew some of my aqua RSC16 June. (I'm still a faithful visitor and sporadic commenter to all you more productive RSCers, though...)

I have more aqua than I thought- I got 14 crumb blocks, 12 of which are pictured here.

a few granny squares have made it into the pile, and I'm still working on finishing up a couple green grannies, as well as my green crumb blocks.

the nights have been blessedly cool, and I've been watching Mr. Selfridge on amazon prime. a nice way to wind down after a long and hot day!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

quilt in action!

I'm still here, and still finding small snippets of time to sew. I have my teal crumb blocks done, as well as some teal granny squares. (I shared them on instagram). not much time for blogging, though, that's why I've not posted for several weeks. maybe next week...
here is my Farmer's Market quilt in action... I get lots of comments on it... AND: if you have time this week, go to your community's Farmer's Market and support a local farmer- they'll be happy you did, and you'll eat well!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A snippet of green...

this week I managed to sort through my green (3") squares, and make up a few blocks of a pleasing green combo for my granny square blocks. and then as an added bonus, I was able to sew 5 of them together. yay, me!
we have family visiting this week- my son and his wife, all the way from Washington state! and today we get more company- my other son, the Navy Corpsman stationed in Bronx, NY and my brother and family.
lots of family, absolutely no sewing. but I wouldn't have it any other way!

and in honor of Memorial Day, and my two sons who serve in the Navy and Army, (and will even be home for this holiday - together!)  I've hung out my quilty flag! I made this a few years ago; I really like it, but it's the only one I plan on making!
see what everyone else is doing over at RSC16.


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