Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pretty and PINK

it's been another phenomenally cold week here (how could it possibly get any colder?!) and I've had a few evenings in the sewing room to make some progress on my pink scraps. shown above are the rectangle and squares that I'm making from my pinks. I have a general idea of the direction I'd like to go with this quilt, but I'm going to remain flexible.

even though these S4P are SO TEDIOUS, I love how they turn out. it makes it worth it when I see how cute they are. I've not been making as many of these- just picking out my favorite scraps in the color of the month.

here are the rest of the blue S4P from last month- never got them done... for the S4P I'm picking whites as the other color. I want this quilt to finish crisp and bright when it's done.

even though I feel as if I'm sewing like a crazy maniac, the 3" squares in the suitcase are not getting any fewer. (as a matter of fact, I think there might be slightly more in there then when I started all over in January!) so I decided to start making some 16 patch blocks. i'll use a tan/cream for the alternate block, instead of the white like in the S4P. above there are 2 pink 16 patches, and 2 slate blue 16 patches. (don't believe the camera when it wants to tell your eyes that you're seeing purple!)

these two quilts were made for our church sewing group, Scraps to Wraps (S2W). they'll be for a (yet to be born) baby. they were quick and fun to make- and personally, I'm rooting for a set of boy/girl twins... we'll see!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

slow and steady wins the race!

it's just as cold as ever here (-40 degrees wind child predicted for tonight and tomorrow!) and I've been able to sew away. not much pink this week. (ok, no pink sewing...) but I still have stuff to share.

this quilt was a pile of 100+ 2½" strips last week. now it's a GIGANTIC quilt- 75" X 100". (you can find the pattern here.) I did fudge a bit on the squares, though, making them a different size. and although the squares are all cut on the bias, the straight grain sashing strips made them behave just fine.
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Friday, February 06, 2015

it's freezing cold here: LOTS of time in the sewing room!

i'll be the first to admit that I love the accountability, motivation and inspiration of RSC15. but I will say that I, for one, am glad that I don't have as much PINK scraps as I did BLUE scraps.

I got more strip sets done for my zig zag quilt- hot pinks, and bubblegum pinks. with the pink, blue and aqua strip sets done (I pulled aqua when I did the blue) I'm starting to get a pretty impressive pile of 4½" squares for those quilts.

I did 12 more crumb blocks.

and 9 more 9 patches. this should be a  fun quilt when it's done!

I also finished my saw tooth stars. I used my crumb blocks for the centers, and I'm loving how crisp these turn out. I used different fabric for the points of each star. the upper right star points are some fabric that I had used to make my grandparents a Trip Around The World. (waaaaaaaaaaay back in the mid 90's!)

and lastly, the pink 4 patches.

I've been doing lots of other sewing in the sewing room this week- several charity quilts, a scrappy quilt using over 100 2½" different strips, and some other miscellaneous sewing projects. with my little heater and Netflix, I'm a happy quilter!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

finally! on to a new color *she says with relief...*

I  know that blue is a popular color, but really- I  had no idea I! we just did blue in November for pete's sake! where did it all come from?

since my blues are all stored together, I did all the shades of blue, as you can see below. navy, slate, teal, and sky blue.

it literally took me all month to get "done" although I still have to do 2 sawtooth stars (with 2 navy blue crumb blocks) and the 2 (?) connecting blocks. I'll get them done soon.

one of the things that I'm doing to work through all (most) (a lot?) of my fabrics is to sort through each basket as Angela calls the color of the month. anything smaller than ½ yard goes to be cut up- into 3" blocks, or 2½" strips. smaller pieces go into the crumb jars. if I really don't like the fabric, I'm putting it in my donate pile.

I've also gone through all my leftover fabric and stashed pieces from previous quilts (some made as many as 20 years ago. yikes!) I've cycled all those leftover bits back into the "let's use it up, or get rid of it" pile.

I had planned on making an Xstrippy quilt, but after making a test block, I decided that I was not what I wanted after all. so I'm going for this look instead. the rectangles are 9½" X 4½", and the squares are 4½".

here are my strips for the Zig Zag Quilt I plan on making- both the horizontal AND vertical one. thankfully I printed out the pattern when it first caught my eye- seems it's no longer available for free! I'll piece 7 strip sets in each color, using scrappy whites. (these are 2½" strips.)

I have my pink squares all cut out- I got some from my suitcase, and went through my pink basket, and pulled leftover pinks from other projects. thankfully there was not too much! I like pink, but I guess I don't sew with too much of that particular color!

and lastly: here's a pile of 100 different 2½" strips that I pulled from my strip bins. ( I didn't count them yet, but I'll add to them until there are 100 different fabrics.) ages ago I printed out this pattern.  With scrappy tans as the sashing and inner border, I'm excited at how it will turn out!

SO: that's enough to keep me busy for a while- at least until it's time to start the tomatoes!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

the blue- it was so many!

another year of RSC has started, and I'm looking forward to using EVEN MORE of my scraps. I'm happy that January was blue- I!!!
I've been inspired by Julie over at Me and My Quilts. she's so organized, and has several projects going at one time. so this year I'm taking a page out of her book, and doing the same. hopefully I can use some more of my fabric- there is so much still to be used! and so many possibilities- how many quilts are in my fabric baskets, just waiting to be thought of and used?
I've made myself a check-off list for each month. one of the first things that I'll do is go through each color of fabric drawer that is that month's color. I'll sort the fabric to donate, keep (larger pieces) and cut into my scrap "system" (3" squares, 2½" strips and crumbs)
I'm glad that January is also a longer month (and slow for us, too, as it's still too early AND cold to start in the high tunnel, greenhouse or gardens!) seems like there was SO MUCH BLUE! in my drawer. it's taken me this long this month to even get a dent into those squares!

I'm continuing with the Split 4 patches. this year I'll only do 6-12 of each color. I picked out my most favorite blues, or the scraps with the most meaning. I still have the black, grey, brown and orange S4P from last year. I'll wait until inspiration hits me to decide on a final layout.

I'm also planning on making a Good Night Irene quilt this year. (or at least getting a good start on one!) I've seen them called by a different name. anybody know the other names for this quilt?
I think with some Kona white (again!) and laying out the quilt before sewing it together, I should be able to make all the colors travel and blend quite nicely.

these 9 patches are inspired by a quilt that I found here. last year when I made my 9 patch blocks, I sorted them fairly particularly according to color, and I was very happy how that turned out. this year I'll continue to do that. last year I made 16 patch blocks, and 9 patches with a Kona white center. I don't have that many of each color this year (see- I did make SOME progress!) so I've chosen to do these scrappy 9 patches. there are 5 of the COM, 3 Kona white squares, and a scrappy black square.
hopefully this week I can get to my crumbs and strips! I'll be making Angela's RSC Sampler, so I need to get "caught up" on that before I fall behind! I'm planning on making a scrappy zig zag quilt (or two) with my 2½" strips, (can't find the pattern right now...) And also an X/strippy quilt.  last year even though I made HUNDREDS of crumb blocks, I didn't use the smaller strips so much, so hopefully the X quilt can make use of all.those.strips!
holy smokes!!! 6 quilts in the making for RSC15! I better get off the computer and start sewing!

find all the rest of the blue inspiration here!

Monday, December 22, 2014

i'm actually caught up! how amazing is that?

despite all that's going on around here, I'm keeping up with Bonnie's Grand Illusion Mystery quilt. hopefully this week we'll use more of the greens.

here's a few blocks up on my design wall- I'm totally baffled as to how these will go together! the different sizes of the green and neutrals has thrown me off. it's obviously too early to guess...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

all sewn up!

my 7 (seven!) RSC14 quilts are finally done. funny thing, though- I still have LOTS and LOTS of crumb blocks left! how did that happen? i'll be making a couple more quilts to get them used up- and then i'll be ready to start fresh for RSC15.
Rainbow Rows (42" X 54") I just used the crumb blocks, stacked according to color and value. Kona White in between the rows.
2 Stars ((42" X 51½") I used the crumb blocks again, making HSTs with the Kona White. the second star was an afterthought- since I still had SO MANY crumb blocks left over. I wanted to use the rainbow colors again, but in much, much duller tones.
(Modified) Bottled Rainbows (45 X 52") I used Rachel's bottled rainbow color chart. lovelovelove this one. with some of my leftover crumb blocks, I plan on making a small table topper. (for me. to keep)

Baby Soduku. (39 X 51") my own original design. I did a couple others with 9 colors, all the same, and I liked those much better. this is a bit muddled. but still fun, since I chose some of my favorite fabrics from my 3" suitcase.

Neutral Squares. (48"sq.) the inspiration was taken from Cheryl and AmandaJeans's book Sunday Morning Quilts.  that book was definitely the inspiration for me to start sorting and using my scraps. I was lucky to stumble upon RSC14- that gave me a direction and more inspiration for those scraps. and now the rest is history!
Color Wheel (42"sq.) made from a pattern purchased from Rachel. I plan to hang this finished quilt in the sewing room. (I made it a bit bigger than the pattern, and that 1" sure made a difference! i'll trim it down, and bind it in a dark color- I know that will make it look better) despite the curved seams (the wheel is pieced, not appliqued) this quilt was very easy to make.
Stacked Nines (45 X 53") despite the 9 patches being a late addition to my RSC14 piecing, and a frantic scramble to catch up with all the colors (didn't start these until September!) this is my favorite quilt. I'm tempted to keep it!
i have a special give-away planned with all these quilts (to my children!) the next time we're all together. with one son in the Navy and about to be deployed, another son (and his wife) stationed across the country, I don't even know when that will be! but that should give me plenty of time to get them all finished. i do plan on quilting them myself- i bought some Kona White and a roll of Warm and Natural. (all 50% off at  Joann's!)
i can't wait for RSC15 to start- i already have some ideas of what I'd like to do. i still have SO MANY scraps! the pile never seems to get any smaller!
lots more quilts and inspiration over at angela's blog: so scrappy. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

slow and steady...

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, and it was a busy week for us. a special sewing day at church, the little girls had their piano recital last night, the church cookie sale is this morning and tomorrow night is the church Christmas Program. Phew! not much time for sewing this week...

I did piece my Neutrals quilt for RSC14. the inspiration comes from Cheryl and Amanda's book Sunday Morning Quilts. lovelovelove that book!

the 7th (planned) RSC14 quilt is up on the design wall- almost done, but no time to sew it together this week. there are still LOTS of rainbow crumb blocks left over- I guess i'll be making a few more quilts than I originally planned!
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