Tuesday, March 23, 2010

now that the potential isn't quite so deeply buried...

we've started our rush of spring work, so it seems as if i haven't' had time to post these pictures. today is rainy and cool, and although I'm trying to get some sample quilts ready for the BF, i thought that I'd post these few pictures of the boy's room for you...

you can see the economy firring strips that we used to even out the walls, and make uniform nailers to hang the drywall on. we just used OSB, and cut that into 4" strips. although it's certainly more work at the beginning to prep the walls, in the end it saves tons of time.

with an old house, nothing is even, straight or level. and forget about 16" centers!

with the drywall lift, the ceiling practically drywalled itself!

and with a crew of 6 experienced drywallers, the bedroom went nearly as fast!

G really enjoyed working with the guys. and the days off from (academic) school.

you can see in the top of this picture,and the next couple pictures as well, that there is a spot on the wall/ceiling that is not drywalled.

originally, the 3 upstairs room were all one room, and it was used as a ball room. (oh, if only the walls could talk...)

that portion of the ceiling, all across the 3 rooms (boy's room, sitting room and girl's room) is curved. although Dave has been pondering the technique of drywalling the curve for several months now, the first couple ideas did not work. he'll work on plan C when he has time.

here is N and G's room as it looked when the drywallers were done. and as a matter of fact, it still looks like that today, several weeks later.

G assures me that he is planning on spackling this room for us.

I'm counting on his help, and looking forward to having just one more room in our house *done*!

be sure and stop back tomorrow and see the progress on the girls room!

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Anonymous said...

A ball room!!! I just love old houses with lots of history!

It's lookin' good!


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