Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the girls' room is coming right along, too. sort-of...

I've been so busy doing other stuff, that i never got around to putting the words to go with the pictures of drywalling the girls' room. and to top it off, i forgot my bloggy password again!

really, now that i look at these pictures again, I'm thinking there probably aren't any profound or clever words and phrases to go with them.

so lets just go with the obvious, shall we?

getting started.

lots of super helpful guys... helping.

many sheets of drywall hung.

much progress. dust in the air.

corner chimneys are a pain to drywall around, and of course take forever...

finally got it!

hanging drywall on the ceiling. a drywall lifter has got to be one of the world's best inventions. with the exception of the printing press and penicillin, of course.

all done except for the curves in the ceiling. that (and the mudding and painting) will probably wait until the garden is in, and before the weeds go crazy and/or stuff is ready to be harvested.

of course, it's a HUGE improvement (*she says in an understated monotone*) and I'm so thankful for the guys that freely gave their time to help us out.

1 comment:

Milah said...

I'm not sure what you call it, but I love that curve in the ceiling.

I won't envy you when they start sanding. ;D


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