Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the multitudes have spoken...

a few weeks ago i asked for help in deciding on a layout for a quilt that i was working on.

thousands of you generously responded to let me know that you liked the layout "Sunshine and Shadows" the best.

I'm glad that i listened to you! this is acually not the layout that i wouild have first chosen, but I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

in other news, Henny Penny (our broody hen) has failed miserably at her appointed task. apparently, there are fowl stupider than ducks, and that's saying alot! (I'm referring to the very ducks that can be herded into their cage at night with a flashlight and strategically placed snowman...) so, no peeps for us as an early valentine's day present...

and the creek flooded yesterday. no danger to us- but the tractor narrowly escaped, thanks to my brave and only slightly exaggerated heroics.

the other good news is that we now have approximately half of the firewood that we'll need for next year. it all floated down the creek and got hung up right on our creek bank.

and it was only 10 of you who voted. (and i confess that one of those was me) but you're sure a faithful bunch, and i appreciate you!

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