Tuesday, August 25, 2009

galloping just to stay behind!

would you be shocked if i told you that we've been a little busy around here? i know you might be, because I've never said that before!

so kidding.
it seems as if it has truly been busier than normal around here, with a plethora of things to do~ and that's just the list for the AM!

we did 350+ ears of corn on Monday, and with all of us working at it, we were done by lunch time. (which was good, considering that we still had 3 bushels of tomatoes to do up into spaghetti sauce!)
every one had corn for breakfast. and dinner.

we were able to borrow a turkey fryer, and we did the corn outside. not so starchy and sticky for the new kitchen= Happy family.

everyone helped- whether it was with husking, blanching, cutting the kernels off the cob, freezer bagging, cleaning up or washing the dishes. it's a ton of work, and we only have a little over half the corn we need, but i did want to get the bulk of the corn done before the kids left for college. (on Friday!!!)

after lunch we did the "divide and conquer" game plan, with some of us finishing up the corn, and others washing and cooking tomatoes, ready for the squeezo. in spite of the fact that the kitchen stove did its level best to either die or blow up, (or both!) we managed to churn out 40+ quarts of spaghetti sauce. and perhaps even more amazing, they were all our own tomatoes, wrested from the evil and determined clutches of the tomato blight! additionally, both the peppers and onions that we used for the spaghetti sauce were also grown in our very own garden. as were the herbs. but I'll stop bragging now.

then, as if there wasn't enough going on this week, we just butchered 11 of the buff orpington roosters. because 12 roosters is clearly too many.


add to that freezing green peppers and the occasional mess of green beans, and i would say that everyone should just be happy with clean underwear.


Angie said...

Wowsers! I'll bet that food will taste delicious come mid-winter.

I hope your kids have a wonderful year at college filled with lots of learning! Are you taking them down?

simplyserina said...

i completely feel what you're saying. my "putting by" has been on a smaller scale than you - less corn, less tomatoes (so far - they're comin'!), more green beans - but i also don't have any "big" kids, so i bet we're both equally as behind on clean laundry. i'm going to sit my rear down on my bed and fold all the loads i (finally) threw in today, and we will all be much happier and better dressed.

wish i could have done my corn outside. i only did perhaps 50 ears or so, but man, was my kitchen a mess.

Muthering Heights said...

Wow, girl...that is a LOT of corn!

bluecottonmemory said...

It looks like your little girl had the best job, taste-tester:) You are one great woman! I'd love to grow like that. I love canning, but we made a move this summer, and that's not happening. You are definitely living the dream!

Anonymous said...

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