Monday, August 10, 2009

the best gift of all!

when A recently turned 3, we didn't want to lavish her with tons of presents. balance that with desiring to tangibly show your little one how much you care, and it can be a delicate harmony to achieve.

M came up with the perfect solution: a coupon book! M cleverly fashioned a coupon book out of index cards for A: 6 perforated paper promises for a trip to the playground!

(and of course, B was welcome to come along!)

the girls (all 3!) had fun at the playground each time they went. and A can look back with happy memories to remember that her big sister gave her the present that really means the most: time!

1 comment:

Wanda said...

Your daughters are growing quickly...and are so cute dressed alike and sitting with their big sister...someon to always look up to.


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