Monday, July 13, 2009

an update on the siding~ along with too many pictures!

clearly I've waited far too long to give you an update about the siding! way too many pictures, i know! sorry about that... hope you'll bear with me!

everyone was gone to Creation, so Dave and i started this side of the house by ourselves. it was the hottest day we've had all summer, and of course we were working on the sunniest and hottest side of the house. it was miserable. and hot. good thing i have these pictures to remind me, since that was the only hot summer day we're apparently going to get. it's been in the 40's at night for the last week.

even baby B was helping!

and make sure you keep an eye on those ladders~ and that baby!

here's the picture of the house with the day lillies in the foreground. still a ways to go, but we're getting there!

the front is nearly done, and Dave is putting up the shutters as he goes. amazing what a difference they can make!

before we can go any higher with the siding, Dave and G need to finish with the house wrap. but before they can do that, the insulation board needs to go on. but even before that, the last 2 remaining upstairs windows need to be replaced. G helps by taking those 2 ancient windows out.

the last little bit on the front of the house actually takes the longest. it's too high for the scaffolding to reach, so Dave completes the siding from the 32' ladder. each piece requires, at the minimum, three trips up and down the ladder. he was bone tired at the end of those days!

the two new windows are in (totally completing that project) and the scaffolding is moved over. they're ready to roll!

G worked on the siding a bit by himself one day. we really appreciate all his help, and his great attitude. he's got a real aptitude for these house construction projects, and shows an interest in all the things that Dave is working on. G will certainly have a well-rounded resume when he's ready to launch!

now the front is done, all the shutters are up, and even both the lights are installed over the front door. what a difference coming over the bridge!

except... now our house doesn't look anything like the photo at the top of the blog page! i guess I'll have to work on replacing it- but that might have to wait until next spring after we've put on the porch.

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Angie said...

Wow Lot's of work!
Love the baby on the ladder picture. Kids climb anything they can. :)

I'm glad you liked your gift. I was hoping the knick knack would survive the trip. :)


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