Friday, July 10, 2009

Monroe Produce~ old fashioned country entrepreneurialism

with our abundance of potatoes, we decided that the time has come to get our produce stand up and running.

in hardly anytime at all, Dave built this sturdy and beautiful stand for me. and with no fear of outgrowing it this year, we will use it for (hopefully) many growing seasons to come.

G helped me dig poatoes last night- both red pontiac and yukon gold. i made little bags out of our abundance of feed sacks, and we put out nearly 30 pounds of potatoes.

the most exciting part? we've already sold 2 bags in just a few hours!


Anonymous said...

how fun! and why aren't you closer? i want to buy your potatoes. i'm sure we won't have enough this year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Your husband is very handy. I actually saw your hubby at Lowe's on Thursday night, but didn't want to look stupid, so I didn't say anything.

I should have said, "I am a big fan of your wife's blog" :)


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