Saturday, July 18, 2009

it's just the start of celebrating!

a few weeks ago, A turned a whopping 3 years old. we don't know when that happened- it kind of just snuck up on us! B was happy to help make the cupcakes lick the icing off the beater.

A requested cupcakes with orange icing and M&M's on top.

she's so happy/shy that we're singing to her, that she's holding onto her favorite brother for reassurance and support.

but she also wants to make sure that her baby sister is included in the happiness.

A blows out her candles, while B puffs gently from her seat, just to make sure the candles all go out!

G helps her hold up three fingers: it's the first time A shows us that she's 3!

a big box of yummy flavored smelling bubble bath- all the way from Florida.

M gave A a little extra present- a very creative and thoughtful book. (more on that another day)

even though we all went together to get A a rather LARGE birthday gift, Dave couldn't resist buying something special for his A B.

a tool belt! right away she tries it on, and she's ready to go out and help daddy.

but here's the highlight of the evening: a kitchen set! from the happy looks on those two sweet little faces, it looks like we'll have many hours of happy play.

and best of all, the kitchen is big enough for two little cooks! (and that's a very good thing, since one of my dear little chefs is not too good at sharing!)

as wonderful as this family evening was, we were only halfway done with the celebrating. we still had another milestone to recognize~ and I'll tell you more about that next week!

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Wanda said...

A and B are looking so much alike...when sen separate can't hardly tell the apart...the little one is growing fast.


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