Saturday, July 04, 2009

and there was great rejoicing in the land, accompanied by the sound of gentle humming...

for a long time the little rocking chair sat in the hallway, waiting to be fixed. it just needed a little glue and a small screw, but life was so busy that it was easy to always find other things to occupy the time.

until just yesterday, when the wonderful daddy fixed the rocker! the little girls were so happy, and quickly found their dolly to rock.

first one little girl, and then the other would sit on the little rocker and hum the little tune.

it was the same little tune that Jenni's momma sang to her, and the same little tune that Jennifer sang to all her babies.

now there can be many more happy years of little girls rocking their dolly, and humming the happy little tune. the little rocker will once again be a part of happy childhood memories.

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