Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's Livestock and Garden Report~ Week 8

there's not much to report this week. the heavy rain on Saturday night, combined with the threat of killing frost on Sunday and Monday have made for a slow garden week. i already told you about the water problems we had in the lower garden from the deluge of water pouring off the hillside.

we both quickly realized that while this was the first time that our garden was swamped, it would certainly not be the last. Dave thought of a clever (and inexpensive) solution. just this morning he and G finished installing the second drainage/diversion/water collecting thingy.
there are 2 points in the garden where the massive amounts of water draining off the hillside were going to be a problem. in both of these points Dave installed a sump pump barrel, and then a 100' drain tile to direct the water away from the garden.

it's now nearly five days after the rain, and the water is still steadily draining off the hillside. thankfully it's no longer soaking the garden.

we have further plans to somehow gather and store all this water for when we'll need it to water the plants. we're still fine tuning that idea.

with the warm and beautiful weather that is forcasted, the plants (and weeds) will be growing. so, no more rest for the weary!

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Anonymous said...

What a creative idea. Good Job!!!


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