Monday, May 18, 2009

which do you want first... the bad news or the bad news?

Saturday afternoon and evening we had torrential downpour, giving us a whopping 1 inch of rain in just a few hours.

the lower garden did not fare so well, but not nearly as bad as we first feared. there is a run-off stream on the hillside right above the garden, and with so much rain in such a short time... let's just say that the garden has some major drainage issues.

probably about ½ of the carrots are lost, although we won't know for sure for over a week. some of the potatoes were underwater as well, but by Sunday afternoon they had mostly drained. the rest of the garden is very, very wet, and i won't be able to get in there to work for days? weeks?

however, things could definitely be much worse~ the hard frost that they were calling for last night did not seem to materialize. there is another frost warning for tonight, so maybe after that we're in the clear. (she says with eternal optimism.)

our broody hen finally hatched her egg. yes, singular. not plural. and somehow, the one lone peep did not survive. i found it in the chicken tractor yesterday afternoon, all muddy and limp. it was so sad, and i felt terrible.

we don't know what happened with all the other eggs that she was brooding on, since there was absolutely no sign of them in the nesting box. I'm not sure what went wrong: was it us and poor management? or was it the hen and poor mothering? i do know that if another hen goes broody i will separate her from the rest of the flock. hopefully that will bring more successful results.

we've had a little set-back and some disappointment, but no major harm done. "onward and upward!"

(extra brownie points to whoever can tell me what that quote is from!)


Anonymous said...

"Onward and Upward we must press...oh the roses of success" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

at least that's what it makes me think of :)

So sorry about the garden.

My peppers and tomatoes did get frosted the other night (I think it's because we are up on a hill). They are all dead :(

Octamom said...

Yikes! What a weekend! Hope your carrots hold their own and more eggs show up soon!

We've actually had a bit of a cold snap in our area, which is really unusual--not a frost like you, but chilly mornings to be sure--which has been a nice change after hitting upper 90's all last week!


Vitus Ineptiae said...

There's something similar to that quote in Narnia: "Further up and furhter in."


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