Saturday, May 30, 2009

can i just say one more little thing about bread?

i don't know what it is about me and bread lately, but I've really been rolling out the dough the last couple of weeks. I've been enjoying experimenting with different ways to use the same bread recipe, and i wanted to share just a couple more variations with you.

make the official bread recipe, and divide your dough into thirds as usual. then, working with 1/3 at a time, roll it out just like you would a pie crust. cut the bread dough into about 16 equal pieces using a pizza cutter.

starting at the wide end, roll the triangles up. (just like a crescent roll)

let them rise, bake and then brush with butter before serving. yum!

sometimes i like to make rolls for our sandwiches: roast beast, chicken salad or pulled pork BBQ. 1/3 of the recipe will make about 6 buns (hefty sized) so plan accordingly. roll and pat the dough into a roll shape. then dip the bottom in cornmeal. this gives it just a little bit more professionality, and besides it looks really impressive! rise and bake as normal. let the buns cool before you cut them.

now, i know that i sort of promised to quit blabbering on and on about bread, but can i just tell you one more, one more little thing about bread? i found this awesome recipe for bread made in a dutch oven here. i went out and bought myself a pretty little red dutch oven, and have been making even more bread. (and if you substitute buttermilk for the water it makes an awesome crusty sourdough bread.)

and that's all i have to say about bread.

i promise!


Angie said...

You can never say too much about bread or have too much bread. I LOVE it. It is my weakness when it comes to dieting. I can't get enough.
And those crescent rolls look divine. Great, now I'm drooling on the keyboard. :)

Robin said...

YUMMY! I LOVE hand made bread! The crescent rolls are so pretty....almost too pretty to eat...ALMOST! LOL

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog...especially on Chelsea's story. It really means a lot to me!!


Robin (aka: Alabama Slacker Mama)

Bridget said...

Oh gosh, those rolls are gorgeous!


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