Sunday, May 03, 2009

an easy bread recipe for you to try!

our family enjoys home made buns. especially when i serve them with strawberry freezer jam! yummy~ it doesn't get much better than that.

i have a bread recipe given to me by a friend. we call it our "official bread recipe" because it was given to her by her mother-in-law. who just so happens to be Polish. and their Polish last name, when translated into English, means "bread".

so, like i said, it's the "official bread recipe". (you can't really get more official than that, can you?) first, proof your yeast in the milk and sugar.

now, i was just kidding about the mandatory Kitchen Aid Mixer. "my" mixer is really M's (who is away at college) but she is generous in letting me use it while she's gone. it is really super easy to make this bread when you have a nice mixer like this to do it in, though.

then add half of the flour, and mix well with the bread hook.

it will be pretty soupy, but don't worry. we're only half-way done.

then add the melted butter (yes, real butter!) and 2 beaten eggs, along with the rest of the flour.

mix well. you may need to add a tiny bit more flour. the dough ball should not be sticky at all, and will come away from the sides of the bowl. mix for several minutes.

i put my buns to rise on the top of the stove, which I've turned on to 200. cover it with a clean towel, and let rise until doubled.

then put the bowl back on the mixer and mix for several minutes. i always have to add a bit more flour, as it's sticky on the bottom of the bowl.

turn out onto a lightly floured counter.

i cut my dough into eighths, and then each eighth into thirds. this gives me 24 buns. ( you can make regular shaped bread, if you'd like. i just almost always make buns to go with our dinner)

next, i put the three pans into the oven, which is still turned on at 200 degrees. i let the buns rise for 25 minutes...

... until they're nice and puffy. then i turn the oven up to 350, and cook them for 23 minutes. ( i have a gas stove, so you may need to adjust the times according to how your oven cooks.)

while they're still warm, rub the tops of all the buns with a stick of butter. (yes, real butter again!) now, these particular buns could have cooked just a tiny bit longer, but we were getting company imminently, and i didn't want them to get burned if i was distracted.

that's it! super easy, and only about 1 ½ hours from start to finish.

The Official Bread Recipe

2 cups warmed milk
2 T yeast
2 T sugar
1 stick melted butter
2 eggs
6 cups flour

that's it! go ahead make some buns or bread for your family- you'll be suprised at how easy it is! i'd love to hear how they turned out for you.


Milah said...

Did you know I posted about Kitchen Aide in March on my blog? My husband and I went to Greenville Ohio to the only Kitchen Aid store in the world. Kitchen Aid appliances have been manufactured in Greenville Ohio since the early 1900's.
I did not get a mixer, but I was promised one for Christmas! I can't wait.....I'll definitely try the offical bread recipe!;D

Grandpa said...

I do it the easy way and get the same results.
I put my milk (warmed) in the bread maker, add flour (with sugar and salt) put my butter in the four corners and dry yeast in the middle. Then I turn on my bread maker and 5 hours later I take out my loaf of hot bread. Sometimes I will give the better half a slice!! ( If I think about it)
Simple HUH ????

Annette said...

only 1 1/2 hours...ugh!!

Back before children I would sometimes make rolls, too. I have a suggestion for when you make a double batch. Back the rolls until just thoroughly baked, but not browned. Then freeze them. When it's time to eat them, put them in the oven, frozen...for a few minutes...maybe ten. And voila: fresh hot rolls! and not burned.

Joyce said...

Your step-by-step instructions, plus photos, were awesome, Jennifer.

Can you add the feature to your blog that allows people to post what you say to their Facebook pages? That would make it easy to share posts like this with more people. :)

Angie said...

Those rolls look so yummy. I am a sucker for bread in any way, shape or form. :) I just wish it didn't go straight to my hips. :)

We are THAT Family said...

Looks delicious and sounds easy! Thanks for sharing it!

Mandy said...

Can't wait to try this recipe, Jennifer. Thank you so much for sharing! :) Pray that you are all doing well!!

~love, Mrs. Mandy Bell


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