Sunday, March 29, 2009

this is as good as it gets. (for now)

15 months ago when we purchased this house, our beautiful kitchen was only a dream. through God's blessings and continued provision for our family, (and the fortuitous placement of the Marcellus shale formation) we were able to do this wonderful and efficient kitchen much sooner than we anticipated.

if you'd like a shocking before and after comparison of the work that we did, just click here. for a few in-progress reports, you can click here and here.

for now, the kitchen is, for all intents and purposes, done. there is still some trim work, leveling of the dishwasher and stove and the garage door to fix. (i had to tape it down to take this picture!) the floor is still undone, and we will work on that as we are able.

the spring rush is on, and we are concentrating our work efforts outside, so these last few details will have to wait until it's dark or raining. or dark and raining!

but I'm not complaining. it's a beautiful kitchen and my wonderful husband did a great job!


Octamom said...

Congratulations! The kitchen looks absolutely beautiful! SO thrilled for you!

Wanda said...

Your husband did do a great job Jennifer...good to have a full working kitchen for cooking all those vegetables your're growing! Happy cooking!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I am looking forward to garden pictures next. :)

Christina said...

It looks fantastic! I completely understand the process of kitchen rennovation, as you might remember from when we first moved into our house, and Dave did a wonderful and speedy job!


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