Thursday, March 05, 2009

it's going to be a momentous day!

the kitchen has been at a virtual standstill for the last several weeks while we waited for our counter top to come in. last week it finally came in, and Dave wasted no time in installing the portion to the left of the stove. not that that's in, we can install the rest of the cabinets there- the appliance garage and lazy susan, as well as the remaining cabinet next to it as well as over the fridge. it has been a relief to have a counter top that is stable, and best of all, cleanable! the cardboard that was a stand-in was getting a little rough looking!

today (and yesterday as well) have been Dave's days off, and he's been working very hard at getting the other part of the counter top in. it's been a bit more difficult, simply because the one leg almost 10 feet long! but late yesterday afternoon, the counter top was in, and fastened down. that meant that we could finally move on to the part of the new kitchen that we've all been waiting for: THE SINK!

Dave is cutting out the cardboard pattern for the sink hole.
making the final cut in the counter top

last night he put the sink in the hole, fastened it down, and ran the bead of silicone caulk all around the edge to seal it off. this morning already he's in the kitchen working again, and the priority of the day is to get the sink installed, plumbed and water running!

it's been over 2 months now that we've been working on the kitchen, and it's certainly come a long way- no doubt about that! we still have some things to finish up, and would like to get them done before it's time to head outside for our spring chores. remodeling the kitchen has not been nearly as inconvenient as i thought it might be, and not quite as messy either. in the end, of course it's all worth it. we have a beautiful new kitchen, and we can all be proud at the good job that Dave did. but most of all, we'll be thankful for running water in the kitchen!

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One of the Sheeleys said...

Your kitchen is looking great!

I am curious to see a picture of your appliance garage--never seen one (I don't think)

Your Hubby is very talented!


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