Wednesday, January 07, 2009

this is the last post about the mud room- I PROMISE!

well, i guess I'm ready to sort-of, almost, maybe, kinda-sorta call the mud room done. at least, I'll stop talking about it every other post. ( and i know that you're eternally grateful!) i saw this sign at a post over on CDW, and immediately knew that i would love to have it for my mud room. so i scrounged around in our ample wood pile, found some paint and an old paintbrush, and made this little sign- for practically no $$$!

I'm ridiculously pleased with it, and keep walking out to our nice and clean, bright and cheery (and FINISHED) mud room to look at it. it's silly, really, i know, but i can't seem to help myself. i even hung it myself, and after a trial run, managed to hang it centered in the doorway. (Dave informed me that if i had asked a professional to hang it, it would only have needed to be done once. but the professional is supposed to be working on the kitchen...)
since i'm considering the mud room "done", in the next few days i'll be taking down the running to-do list from the mud room (in the side bar), and replacing it with our overwhelming current kitchen re-do list. (just in case you want to follow along on the blow-by-blow progress!)

the sign is hanging in the doorway between the mud room and laundry room. technically, the mud is supposed to stop about 6 feet before this, on our door mat, but technicalities have never bothered me before!

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Rechelle said...

Your sign is so cute! I love the "font" you used. It looks like an old type writer typed it. I love how it hangs too. Aren't mudrooms the best!


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