Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's slow, but it's progress!

Dave has been working on the kitchen steadily, and we're definitely making progress. it's just very slow, and so much work needs to be done before we can even THINK about installing the cabinets, that it's hard not to get impatient...

before i go any further, i just wanted to let you know that i finally got the kitchen to-do list in the side bar. so even when i don't have time to post, i will keep that list current. we've gotten some things done on that list already! (i just love lists- but better yet- crossing things off!) also, i put in a little poll. what do you like about your kitchen? is there anything that you would change? register your vote on the poll, and then let me know your favorite (and not-so- favorite) in the comments. who knows, you could save us from making a huge blunder in our own kitchen! or even give us a really great, last minute idea to incorporate before it's too late!

here you can see just how much we moved over the kitchen wall. it's about 24", and Dave did a great job blending the old ceiling with the new. when it's painted, you won't even be able to tell. (and of course, that was the whole point!)

this east wall is being re-insulated, with both roll insulation and fan fold. then the plywood goes on the wall where the cabinets will be hung. my sink is now officially gone. it's in the laundry room, where it rightfully belongs, but it sure is a pain not to have a sink in the kitchen! (but we do have the dishwasher, still)

here is the first piece of drywall in the kitchen. yippee! Dave got it hung late last night. he'll continue with the drywall all the way around, and then go back and start leveling the floor for the cabinets. then i can spackle and paint. won't it be so nice not to have naked insulation in the kitchen anymore?

this is our worthless feline cat, spooky. she's not minding the mess one little bit!

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