Sunday, January 18, 2009

i'm a glutton for punishment!

I'm such a sentimental pack rat, and to prove it, i have tons of stuff stored in the attic from my bigger kids- Lego's, dolls, Mr. potato head, a doll house and Lincoln logs, just to name a few. for Christmas this year, we recycled a few things for the little girls. it was just small things, really- a baby feeding set, a bunny doll... there is really no point in getting tons of new stuff, just to say it's "new", when we have lots of treasures just waiting for us in the attic.

G's gift to A this Christmas was this little tikes easel. while it was not a treasure from days gone by that we resurrected from the attic, it's almost as good: we got it at the thrift store for $1! with a little bit of elbow grease, it's as good as new! N put several bottles of finger paint in A's stocking, as well as some paper, and with an old t-shirt of daddy's, she's ready to go.

finger painting is such a satisfying activity- and not as messy as i remembered, either!

chalk one up for a few more moments of peace and tranquility!

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